Moldy Shower Silicone Restoration

Do you get irritated by unsightly molds in your bathroom? How then can you get rid of them?

Mold is a fungus which is very common in houses that are damp and poorly ventilated. They form colonies in damp areas, especially bathrooms and may not be harmful if they are in a small area. However, molds can become harmful and cause health problems such as allergic reactions, headaches, rashes, breathing difficulties and trigger asthma when their population grows out of control. They are also unsightly and can irritate the owners of the house and the visitors alike.

The shower floor is a common habitat for these organisms and they can be noticed by a dark presence on the shower silicone or caulk. This silicone is waterproof and holds the tiles and the bath floor together, when a crack or mold is discovered on this silicone, it is time to fix it. This is because; the wall joints and other areas with a crack were not properly caulked during installation and might have been penetrated with water and damaged.

Moldy Shower

Moldy Shower

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we specialize in the total removal of shower silicone and caulking. We also treat fungus and mold which may be difficult to get rid of, with the best methods in the business. We also deal with sealing, shower cleaning, grout cleaning, re-grouting and leak repair, colour sealing, soap scum removal, mold and mildew removal caulk or shower silicone removal and replacement, and grout removal. Our services are guaranteed to give your shower a makeover and return it to a brand new shower without any stress to you.

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