Marble Polishing & Restoration Oakville

Is your marble looking a little dull? Brite Shine offers Oakville marble polishing and restoration services that are performed by specially trained professionals to ensure your marble is properly cleaned. Brite Shine offers marble restoration services to both commercial and residential customers. We have been offering quality services in the greater Oakville area for over 12 years and area family-owned company.

Our 5-Step System for Marble Polishing and Restoration

Marble tile cleaning Oakville

Step #1: Marble Polishing Consultation / Evaluation

We will first inspect the stone for imperfections, wear patterns and damage before doing any sort of cleaning. We will then determine the type of cleaning that should be performed depending on the type of stone. For a minimal charge we can polish a small area to show you what our services will provide. Before we start the job we will also determine whether the stone floor should be sealed after the cleaning and polishing.

Step #2: Marble Restoration

We use professional grade commercial equipment and solutions. Our technicians will perform the job in a timely manner and are committed to quality.

Step #3: Marble Sealing/Impregnation

Marble is susceptible to stains from foot traffic, drinks, oils and other contaminants. We can seal the floor to ensure that there will be long-term protection from foreign matter in the floor to keep it looking good even with lots of wear. This is a cost effective way to ensure the life of your floor sustains over time.

Step #4: Daily Maintenance Training

Marble Tile Restoration Oakville

There are many people who make the mistake of using tile cleaners on natural stone which can damage the stone over the long-term. Our staff will train you or your cleaning staff on daily maintenance and recommend a natural stone cleaner.

Step #5: Follow-Up Marble Restoration

Marble restoration is a must to get the floor looking new again but it is not a permanent solution. Over time, wear and tear on the sealant will cause the floor to dull over time. We have a periodic restoration program that can help keep your floors looking great over time. The frequency can be discussed with our technicians.

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