Marble Polishing & Restoration Mississauga

Is your marble looking a little dull? Brite Shine's marble floor polishing services are performed by certified technicians to ensure that your marble is properly taken care of. Brite Shine is one of the premier marble tile restoration companies in the greater Mississauga area. We serve both residential and commercial customers.

We have the equipment to clean the following: Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Amtico, Thermo Plastic, Resin, Altro Safety flooring, Ceramic, Quarry, Tile, Vinyl Tiles, Concrete, Rubber Floors, Karndean, and Travertine.

Our 5-Step System for Obtaining & Maintaining Beautiful Stone

Marble tile cleaning Mississauga
Step #1: Marble Floor Consultation / Evaluation

First, we will inspect the stone and the area to be cleaned. We will determine which type of cleaning will be performed by the type of stone. We will also inspect for any damage or wear patterns. We can polish a small area at a minimal charge to show you exactly what our services will provide in marble tile restoration. We can then also determine whether or not your stone should be sealed.

Step #2: Marble Tile Restoration

We use stat-of-the-art industrial cleaning equipment and solutions to restore your marble tile. This process will be done in a timely manner by a specially trained professional.

Step #3 Marble Tile Sealing/Impregnation

Many marble surfaces are susceptible to stains from coffee, foot traffic, drinks, oils and many other things but we can protect the marble from further damage by sealing it. We only use the best impregnators available on the market. These impregnators offer long-term protection against stains and dirt penetration are a cost-effective way to protect your marble flooring.

Step #4 Daily Maintenance Training
Marble Tile Restoration Mississauga

Natural stone is different from ceramic tile and other flooring types. What may be safe for ceramic tile is not always safe for natural stone and may damage it. After we restore your marble we will train you or your cleaning staff on how to maintain the restored floor on a routine basis. We can leave a recommended daily stone cleaner for your to use, if needed.

Step #5 Periodic Follow-Up Marble Restoration

After the marble has been restored, sealed and is beautiful, the appearance is not permanent. On-going foot traffic and other factors will always be wearing away the bright appearance even with daily care. A periodic maintenance program will mean additional expense, but it will ensure a beautiful floor at all times and prevent the need for a complete restoration in the future. After restoration, we can design a periodic restoration schedule. The frequency will be determined by both the needs of your specific stone and the appearance level that you would like to maintain.

We serve Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Hamilton and other part of GTA and beyond