Marble Polishing Kitchener

Is your marble looking dingy and dull? Brite Shine offers marble polishing services in Kitchener. Our marble polishing services are performed by trained technicians to ensure that your investment is protected. Brite Shine offers marble restoration services to both commercial and residential customers and have been offering quality services in the greater Kitchener area for over 25 years.

Our 5-Step System for Marble Polishing

Marble polishing in Kitchener

Step #1: Marble Polishing Consultation / Evaluation

Our specially trained technicians will inspect your marble for wear patterns, damage, imperfections and stains. They will then determine which type of cleaning is recommended depending on the type of stone and for a minimal charge, can clean a small area for you. They will also determine if there is any need to seal the floor after the polishing has been completed.

Step #2: Marble Restoration

We use state-of-the-art commercial cleaning equipment to ensure the best cleaning possible. Our technicians are committed to quality and will perform the job in a timely manner and to your specifications.

Step #3: Marble Sealing/Impregnation

Marble can stain from oils, drink spills and other contaminants over time. By sealing the floor it helps prevent these stains from penetrating the stone and offers long term protection. This is a cost effective measure to ensure the longevity of your flooring.

Step #4: Daily Maintenance Training

Marble Polishing Kitchener

Once the floor has been polished our technician will teach you or your cleaning staff how to maintain the floor on a daily basis. They can also recommend a natural stone cleaner for daily use.

Step #5: Follow-Up Marble Restoration

Sealing the floor is not an 'end all' to the flooring. Over time, the floor will lose its luster and will need to be re-polished and sealed. We have a periodic restoration program that can help your floors stay polished. Call today to inquire.

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