Equipment Rental in Mississauga

If you are in the market for drying equipment rental or tool rentals in Mississauga, then we have you covered. We have a whole line of flood restoration equipment and tools for rent.

Air Scrubber Rentals Mississauga

In the case of a flood an air scrubber can take out the toxins and contaminants within the air that are usually not seen by the naked eye. This will ensure that the air is clean and helps prevent respiratory problems.

Air Blower and Mover Rental

We have a whole fleet of industrial air blowers and movers. With an industrial air blower you can dry the carpet and pad in a shorter amount of time to ensure that there is no mold growth. Inquire about out drying equipment in Mississauga by calling us today!


Our industrial dehumidifiers will extract the moisture out of the air to help the air blower process. These two things go hand-in-hand in the flood restoration process

Tool Rentals in Mississauga

We have a whole line of flood restoration tools that are also for rent. Inquire today about what is in stock.

Call Us today to inquire about pricing. Equipment may be available for short or long-term rental. (416) 894-0379